Saturday, July 31, 2010

A PPP Expert

An expert on powerpoint presentation that's how I feel. It took me four hours to creat a powerpoint presentation. I read "Creating interactive presentation Using Power Point. I read it before and while making my PPP. It was not har, but since it was my firt time using all those devises, it took me a long time. I also read Interactive Power Point and I was looking at it when making mine. I will teach until August 9 because here in El Salvador we have a National Festivity called "Fiestas Agostinas", and they always give us a week of vacation. So I'll see my students in a week. I'll have this PPP ready for them. I don't know you, but I love it. I won't take photocopies like I always do or nothin like it. I have time to practice my presentation with powerpoint. I'll take into account the advice that is in "Presenting with Powerpoint".

Talking about Teaching Large Classes I read " Teaching Large Classes, and Teaching Large Classes II. It is helping me since the cycle began, and I have a group of 40 persons in Didactics I. I already began using nicenet and a blog with them. All this is new for me. I am getting used to it. I'm making mistakes, but I'm learning. I plan to use more of the ideas from the readings. The text "Improving Lectures with Technology" has given me very good ideas on how to improve my classes using technology on line. I know it is worth the effort, but it is really hard to keep up with technology.

My students, the ones I see only on Mondays, are afraid of technology. I'm having a hard time with them, but I do not give up.

I read Azhar's and Victoria's blog. What I learned from Azhar is that you can create different kinds of blogs. That will help me with my big group and I also will apply it with the small one. Victoria mentions so teaching technics. I knew some of them and I had forgoten others. That will also help me in my class.


  1. Dear Roxana,

    It's good to hear that you feel comfortable with PowerPoint. It's a very powerful tool, and there's always more to learn. The key, though, is making sure that interactivity stays the focus, not the "bells and whistles" that PPT provides.

    I'm sure your students will enjoy the PowerPoint!


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