Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It has been preatty hard for me to use this blog. It was easy to create it but hard to use. It's my first time using it. I hope to use it in an English class I have. It will help them improve their English skills. They do not have too many class, so in this manner they can be in touch with me or with their classmates any time. I hope to learn how to use it preatty good. I'll take the chance with a hard group since they are all professionals. They do not have too much time to study. I wish you all luck. I am learning from you. Thanks for your help. Everytime you write you help me.


I really had a hard time to figuer out this address. It was so clear that I feel a little ashamed. My blog address is roxanatrigueros.blogspot.com
Roxana from El Salvador. Thanks Azhar Youssel for you big help. You're a really good friend.